The world's most character-driven experience. This was an experiment to combine a roguelike with scrabble. Made sporadically over a month. As you can see it evolved into something more like a tactical game.

As-is, its probably a bit too difficult to match words with more than three letters. If you do manage this herculean task, give yourself a big ol' pat on the back, you genius. You deserve it.

To Play

  • Move your 'characters' by left-clicking and dragging.
  • Submit your movements and match words by pressing enter/spacebar/right-click.
  • Move the camera with the arrow keys. In executable builds, you can also scroll by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen.

Remember: You can move all three characters before submitting.

The Code

If you'd like to see the code that makes this tick, here you go.



Programming/Design/Sound Editing:


Free music sourced from:

Free SFX sourced from:

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